FileMaker Pro Training – Overview

Create and manipulate an efficient Filemaker database

formation Filemaker


12 hours

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Create a simple database, define the fields, the entries templates and reports.

Exchange and convert data with other software like Excel or Word

Search and sort data efficiently

Perform a mail merge with Filemaker Pro


Good knowledge of Windows or Macintosh environment.

Courses are given on Windows

Course Content

  • Become familiar with the concepts of database, tables, templates and fields
  • Understand and manage the interface and the Filemaker tools
  • Create the database
  • Define fields for text, date, time, timestamp, numbers, multimedia content
  • Define statistical and calculated fields
  • Fields options for Automatic entry, validation and global content
  • Create a template for editing
  • Export and import data for Excel or Word
  • Advanced searches, search for duplicates, value ranges, multiple requests searches
  • Create a custom report
  • Create a mail merge with merge fields
  • Create and print PDF Files

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