triskel solutions

To quickly have a usable prototype, our starting solutions can evolve until they meet all your needs.

Low Code

Triskel Design

The use of standards such as WordPress for web or FileMaker applications for desktop, mobile or browser, you will easily adapt the solution to your needs over time.


triskel Formation

Beginners or advanced, we favor our transfer of skills to allow you to gain autonomy.

Triskel Technologies SàRL acts in French-speaking Switzerland in the development of applications on windows and mac, web and mobile. And likes to create light, flexible, ergonomic and easy to evolve solutions

Founded in 1993, it has more than 40 projects to the satisfaction of its customers.

Its light structure allows it to surround itself with the best freelance talents , guaranteeing you the same contact during interactions with the profession.


We are recognized by our ability to turn a vision into reality

  • We work in close collaboration with an expert in the field
  • Guided by our agile methods and our ability to present a functional prototype
  • With the objective, the rapid availability of a usable solution

Some of our customers