FileMaker Pro Advanced Training – Expert

Design a successful relational database and its user interface, with scripting and advanced calculated fields

formation Filemaker Advanced


18 hours

Participants Profile

Confirmed users with practice of the software or who want to increase their knowledge and efficiency


Design of a relational database with multiple tables, define the fields, relationships, value lists

Create an input template, list displays and reports with grouped data.

Exchange data with other software or databases, like Access, Excel or other

Introduction to the use of scripts and interactive objects like buttons, tabs, trigger scripts, conditional formatting and external tables

Make a simple user interface


Having attended the course “Filemaker Pro – Overview” or with equivalent knowledge

Course Content

  • Creation of the database, tables and relationships
  • Definition of items in text, date, time, timestamp, number, multimedia
  • Definition of calculations and statistical fields
  • Create of custom functions
  • Field Options; Automatic Entry, validation, and global fields
  • Create a template for entry and list view
  • Manipulate templates and use of the Filemaker tools
  • Formatting text fields, dates, time and numbers
  • Use value lists, menus, drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down calendar features
  • Use external tables, tabs and Web viewers
  • Layout editing and conditionnal formatting
  • Create buttons and scripts
  • Display Modes
  • Export and import data, know the supported formats
  • Advanced searches, find duplicates, search ranges, multiple requests searches
  • Use scripts and organize them
  • Create scripts and automated tasks
  • Create a custom report
  • Creae a mail merge with merge fields
  • Printing and Creating PDF Files
  • Manage the security with user rights, privileges sets and custom menus
  • Finalisation of the database, debugging scripts

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