Filemaker, default settings for developers

As a developer, it’s convenient to set Filemaker professionally. Here are our recommendations:

Filemaker Preferences

User: admin
Check: Use advanced tools
Uncheck: Add any new topic to the active template
Check: Save Auto. modify them. of model
Use the least possible plugins, with the exception of a must, the BaseElements that you can download here.
Done for preferences, we leave everything and restart

Work on scripts

Open the script workspace

View Menu> Scripting Workspace Preferences

Uncheck: Show New Scripts in the Script Menu
Change the color for the “Incompatible” script steps, for example a desaturated red

Default fields

When creating new topics, those proposed by filemaker do not respect the conventions of nomadic computer. It is possible to customize them. Read this article to understand how to change the default topics.

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