Why Triskel ?

The name is inspired by a Celtic symbol, the “Triskele”. Comprising three arms evoking cyclic group symmetry.

triskele symbole

His most usual representation concerns the three primordial elements; earth, fire and water.

In another register it can also represent the continuity of the passing time: past-present-future; or the three ages of life (youth, middle age, old age).

In a more modern way, for us, it represents the various aspects necessarily present in any computer development, namely:

  • The objective
  • The user
  • Technology

All linked by an interface and adapted ergonomics as well as a precise and agile project management.

Hence also, the temporal aspect:

  • Analysis and Quotation
  • Development
  • Customer validation

Our developments are made by iterative phases with a freedom to change direction on the fly, in order to set up only coherent solutions adapted to users.

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