Construction Management – ArcERP

A complete Swiss solution, for administrative management of constructions

  • For architectural studios and agencies
  • Engineering Offices
  • Companies in the building sector

demo ArcErp

Save time in your administrative tasks

Lighten the load of your staff

Developed on FileMaker, this solution will allow you to prepare, build, pay and bill all the elements of a construction project.

Communicate with everyone involved, archive all documents and documents, manage employee time and view profitability.

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  • Multi-user
  • Multi-agency
  • Quote, calculation of quantities
  • Document management system of documents, mails, attachments, plans and archives
  • CRM Contact Management
  • Standing situation table
  • submissions
  • Entering hours
  • Offers, fees, expenses and disbursements
  • Fee Management
  • Contracts, guarantee, pro-rata
  • Minutes
  • According to the SIA standard
  • Fully customizable print templates

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